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Posted by on Jul 25, 2013 in Passion HD |

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Better Than Cheating By Passion HD

Who can blame this guy for wanting to fuck another girl after being in an extended relationship, even if his girlfriend is as hot as the one and only Sara Luvv? Wait, actually, I sure as hell can! Sara is incredible, and if he wants to go eat potatoes with filet mignon on his plate then he’s just dumb in the head. I can, however, understand Sara wanting to spread her wings a little after being saddled with this ginger for years…she had her eyes on her hot girlfriend Chloe Amour and in this Passion HD update she and her guy decided to go for a solution better than cheating, which is just to share Chloe in bed together! These three hopped into bed in about 2 seconds flat, with Chloe and Sara kissing and licking each other up and down…you can tell they’ve had an eye on each other for awhile and now their lesbian fantasies can be fulfilled. I guess the guy wanted to get his end of the bargain taken care of too so he got to fuck both of these hotties…lucky bastard.